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Crypto Land

Protocols backed by smart contracts

Continue to generate profits which can

be transferred to wallet.


All gladiators and equipment are created as NFT assets which can be traded on-chain to ensure the security.


Each gladiator is generated with unique appearance and attributes through random algorithm.

Market Place

As NFT assets, gladiators and equipment can be traded without any limits, more scarce items are more profitable.



About Gladiators



Each gladiator has weapons
and armors which are also
divided into 5 levels,
the higher the level is, more attributes will be equipped.
Weapons can increase attack power,
advanced weapons carry special attributes for additional skills,
improving the combat effectiveness.
Each gladiator has at least one attribute,
which helps with the performance in the battle.



About Equipment


One-handed, two-handed, ranged, polearm, only on-handed weapons can be equipped with shield


Helmet, armors, scapula, gauntlet, cuish, belt, each equipment has special attributes to strengthen combat effectiveness.


Attributes are related to the scarcity of equipment, more attributes are available if the equipment are more scarce.


Equipment can be created on-chain at anytime.


About NFT

Hundreds of equipment are provided, all of them are divided into 5 levels -- normal, advanced, scarce, elite, legendary. More equipment will be created for better combat experience.



One-handed weapons
Two-handed weapons
Ranged weapons



Combat Fields

2 types of combat fields have been available so far, there would be more combat fields unlocked as players move up to higher level



● Players are able to gain exp and asic equipment by exploring unlocked combat fields, more exp are accessible when level up.

● Scarce equipment have been ffered in endless levels, it’s more possible to get scarce equipment as levels move up.


High-interest Land

Earn continuous profits by occupying the land
Players can occupy enemy’s land to be theirs
Other players can combat for the land as well
More lands represent more profits



NFT Assets

Every gladiator and equipment can be transferred to multiple blockchains as NFT with uniqueness, the attributes along with them are generated randomly.





In order to ensure the value of each gladiator or equipment, the way to get them is relatively difficult.
Players need CGS to start Endless combat to get advanced equipment at the end, since it requires CGS, the scarcity and value of equipment is guaranteed.


With the cross-chain deployment and the development of ecosystem, each NFT can be available on multiple chains, making all the assets more circulating.

Game On-chain

In game industry, developers can be manipulative by arbitrary issuance of resources for considerable revenue in short-term, which caused damage to users’ assets


Random number
Decide scarcity
Get Equipment


Put equipment on market place
Check equipment by SC
Sell Equipment

On the chain

Crypto Gladiator is a fully on-chain game. The process of generating all gladiators, equipment, tokens etc. can be transparently traced back. It is impossible to be tampered or cheated, enabling all the game items to be real assets.